Toader Photography Website

Toader Photography / Wedding Photographer Website

A wedding photographer needs a website that puts in the spotlight the finished product, the images from the wedding day.

Toader Photography contains my own wedding photography portfolio.

It includes my wedding photography diary starting with 2011.

Contains both weddings from Romania and other European countries such as Iceland, Czech Republic and Greece.

The domain name was registered in 2013 and was the international version of

Framework with modern technology.

Wedding Photographer Website

A modern framework allows access to the latest technologies. This website is compatible with the latest version of PHP currently available, namely PHP 8.

It is built on the popular WordPress platform and hosted on a LiteSpeed server. It uses a small number of plugins to keep down the server load as much as possible. Both the framework and plugins benefit from active licenses with real time updates. Health according to the WordPress diagnostic tool is at 100%.

With an eye for SEO.

SEO Services

In 2013 if you searched in Google, Focsani wedding photographer, this website was in the top 3 results. Today this remains pretty much unchanged.

The only thing that has changed is the difficulty for achieving this result.

Each month, this website constantly receives about 2500 visits from the Google search engine.

There are many ways to promote a business.

Today the most popular method is trough social media.

Through SEO, once the website “has been optimized” it continues to attract passive organic traffic, see the image above.

A multilingual experience.

Creating a multilingual website.

Toader Photography is available in Romanian and English.

Depending on the landing page, the user is directed to the content available in that language through the help of cookies.

The user can change the version at any given moment using the navigation from the footer navigation.

The advantages of a multilingual website are obvious.

Exposure for both Romanians and English-speaking foreigners.