SUPERFLORI Marketplace For Florists

2020 was the year when many business managed to survive thanks to home delivery of their products.

An online marketplace is a business model that made it’s way to Romania back in 2015.

There are plenty of options to chose for. Especially if you sell food or general products that you can find in any mall.

The difference? SuperFlori is a marketplace for florists only.

The challenges in developing an online marketplace for florists.

The main issues to be solved in the development of this tipe of website are the following.

  1. The possibility for each florist to cash in independently and automatically. This must be done without the need of an intermediary firm (corporate tax, VAT).
  2. The selectable city for home delivery is generated based on the selected marketplace vendor product or products.
  3. The possibility of each florist to manage its own store. Here we are talking about stock, prices, orders and last but not least the possibility to close the flower shop instantly or scheduled.
  4. Consistent and easy to use menu.
  5. Scalability.

SuperFlori gives small businesses growth opportunities.

Website Design For Marketplace

SuperFlori offers the possibility of creative florists in Romania to sell right away flowers online with the help of powerful SEO resources that are available immediately.

Offers customers the opportunity to send flowers with home delivery in Romania without the use of a national courier services that is not suitable to deliver delicate and extremely perishable products such as flowers.

Customers will know which florist will handle their order. The order will be processed, built and delivered by the same florist. Customers can contact the chosen florist at any time directly trough a form, email or telephone.

Fast implementation in the marketplace.

It is sufficient for the florist to have 12 images with its own products, a company bank account and a good reputation. Within one business day after application the florist will have a functional online flower shop.

Implementation can be done according to the needs of the florist. Custom delivery costs can be added independently for each florist from the marketplace. Delivery can be restricted to the hometown and can be extended to the whole county.

Immediate access to customers who allready have the habbit of ordering flowers online.

In contrast to a restaurant marketplace, this website will rank in the search results for specific keywords related to flower delivery. SuperFlori will also receive traffic directly from related websites.

Obvious benefits: in addition to strengthening the reputation of the local business, the florist can start selling online immediately, without the initial cost and effort.