About My Services

Services and additional informations.

Unlike an on-line development company, my services contain a different approach: direct involvement in a small number of individual projects.

Some tasks, such as creating content, are sent to contributors.

Take a look at my portfolio to see if we’re on the same wavelength.

1. Website creation.

Does your company have in its portfolio a professional website?

If not, find out that the benefits of an website are obvious and far outweigh the investment. In addition to a professional business card, your company can generate new customers both locally and internationally.

The website is created from scratch and its scalable for the future with the help of the latest available technologies. Internal link structure will be based on keyword research for search engine optimization.

Fast delivery within 10 days.

2. Multilingual website.

A Multilingual website, such as this one, can bring opportunities to your company that you can’t even imagine.This can be done for an existing website that already has content or implemented from scatch for new website.

Inluded in the package is a fully fledged WPML license, normally priced at 300 lei/year, valid for the whole collaboration period.

3. Website redesign.

Does your website feels old and outdated?

Do you want a modern design based on a powerful CMS with monthly updates?

The whole redesign process will be done without interfering with the actual website. When ready the new design and aditional content will be pushed live over the old website in a matter of minutes.

4. Online stores.

An online store gives the opportunity for additional clients outreach. All this without the need of opening another brick and mortar store. Depending on the complexity, the website can be delivered as fast as 2 weekes. Future development is possible and recommended.

5. Website monthly maintenance.

This service includes care and updates for yor website. That means, your website will be up and running with the latest updates. Any issue that may arise, no matter how difficult, will be fixed as fast as possible without any additional cost. There’s a fixed monthly fee that can be paid in advance.

6. Website development.

Do you want to go further?

This service includes content creation, added functionality and improved website design. Everything is done around improving the user experience. Website development is closely tied to search engine optimization.

7. SEO

Do you want more customers?

Improving your website visibility, together with a great product, translates to greater sales. SEO helps your business by reaching more potential customers organically without the need of buying expensive ads.

7. Website malware removal.

Do you feel that something is not quite right with your precious website? Have you seen strange redirects to questionable websites, or you can’t even login to the dashboard?

A hacked website means that you have adeed or altered code on your server. With the help of this code, the attacker can have full control over your website. The removal process usually takes a couple of hours and is done immediately.