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Websites from my portfolio.

Websites for freelancers, companies, online stores.Websites with modern technologies, easy to maintain and to develop further.

Clean Fast

Websites for service providers.

Website for a cleaning service provider.

Online presence of a services company, logo, content creation. Website built from scratch.

A website for service providers must first provide the company’s online business card. Even though competition is extremely fierce, in this case Bucharest, we chose as an alternative to promote the website with Google My Business.

The development of such a website is carried out within 10 days.

Includes unique content, stock photos and a template designed from scratch mo match the business. It does not include domain hosting and registration.

Toader Photography

Website for Wedding Photographers

Website for wedding photographers.

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Wedding photographer portfolio, multilingual, content creation, search engine optimization. Website built from scratch.

A website for the wedding photographer needs certain features. Extra attention into to the way images are displayed. Images are compressed without any visible degradation to the naked eye. Images are resized so that their quality is optimal regardless of the resolution and screen size used by the user. All design elements are studied and corrected for each screen size.

Perfect implementation of the domain email address with real-time notification. You will not lose any potential customers, even if the message is sent trough the contact form or trough an email client.

Content available in both English (main) and Romanian.


Website Design For Marketplace

Online marketplace for flower shop owners.

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Online floristry with marketplace option.

Superflori is a scalable project aimed at florists in Romania who do not own an online store.

It is intended for those who want to expand their business beyond the boundaries and limitations of physical store.

By Cecilia

Websites For A Creative Business

Website for small business owner.

Online shop for small business built from scratch.

With a little care any website can grow. Unlike social media, any resource added to your website permanently strengthens your online notoriety and visibility.

Website For An Online Flower Shop

Online flower shop.

Online flower shop designed and built from scratch, search engine optimization.

Added features such as delivery time slots, custom shipping costs depending on the delivery location. Card payment, search engine optimization.

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