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Frequently asked questions.

Where are you based, can we meet?

I’m based in Focsani, Romania.

If you are from the same city we can talk in front of a cofee at Marco or Corso.

Otherwise we can start a conversation trough a video call.

Types of projects and availability.

The website must be built with WordPress.

I have to take a look at the project before I can give you an answer for availability and price.

We can work together only if I resonate with your project.

Do I need to acquire future maintenance?

The internet and the technology behind is moving at an accelerated pace. That being said, usually, you are safe for a couple of years. Updating the website on your own it’s like a walk in the park. You can get a new website design without maintenance. I can provide future services on demand if something bad arises. Keep in mind, if you don’t update your website for a long period of time, things can get complicated from the cost perspective.

About SEO (search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization can be unpredictable. The outcome depends by a lot of factors. I cannot guarantee a result or the time needed to obtain that result. Keep in mind that some keywords can be extremely competitive. Depending on the keyword difficulty, results can be extremely hard to obtain and can require a lot of financial resources. I can recommend the best attack route with the help of an extended keyword research.

Monthly website maintenance service.

Your website will be keept updated and any issue that may arise will be fixed at no extra costs. Lite developing is included. The website will benefit also from monthly manual backups.

What you need to know about a multilingual website.

The multilingual solution is implemented using WPML. Trough the whole collaboration period you will get a complete WPML license. For the whole development process your website will not suffer any interruptions or limited functionality. There’s no limit for the number of languages you can add to your website.


Payments can be made in advance trough bank transfer based on an invoice.