Web Developer Daniel Toader

Website Developer / SEO Enthusiast

I create portfolio pages, websites for service providers and online stores.

I do search engine optimization and add complex functionality to WordPress websites that simply works.

Online stores.

Expand your business on the internet.

2020 was more than ever the year of online stores. Develop your business through an online store. Woocommerce is the ideal choice for an independent, commission-free store. All without further worries, you will benefit from after-sales advices and assistance.

Creation of online stores.
Multilingual website.

Multilingual website.

Romanian / English / Italian / Spanish

Do you want to expand the potential of your online busines? Translating a website into one or more languages with the help of professional tools can greatly increase your number of clients. It’s like opening a subsidiary in another country. Without the added costs and risks.

Organic visibility in Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO).

Solid growth solutions with long-lasting results. The difference between a store in the city center and one on the outskirts. Positioning in the top search engines results can make the difference between success and failure. Challenging and fascinating, search engine optimization has been and will remain the cornerstone of a company client portfolio.

Search Engine Optimization SEO
Search Engine Optimization

Quick identification and remediation of technical issues.

The more complex a website becomes, the more likely something will break and cause issues.

Whether we are talking about the server, the database or conflicts between plugins, the fix will be done as soon as possible.

Spped up a website.

More speed.

In 90% of cases, a site that loads slowly is because of poor optimization. An instantly loading website is loved both by search engines and visitors.

Website Development

Added functionality.

Card payments or the creation of a thank you page where the customer is redirected as soon as he sends a message trough the contact form. Anything is possible.